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Hi there, my name is Elliott Isaac.

I'm front-end developer.

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Professional Work

Personal Projects

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Turn the DOM into your playground with my personal JavaScript library

Digital Diagnostics

Custom Hubspot landing pages

Fractal Fern Art Generator

I read about this really interesting fractal online. I decided to build it into a custom generator that draws the fractal dot by dot, up to one million. I also built my own color picking UI out of the HTML range slider so you can change the colors of the fractal while it's drawing. Quite fun!

Jump Capital

When Breakout handed over the Jump Capital website project to me, its development had been all but abandoned for months due to a series of unexpected design revisions and other issues. I was tasked with revising the previously completed work and finishing the rest of the site. I created a new home page and built a functional customized blog post system into the CMS.

BioPure Patient Journey

This custom interactive showcase component was entirely hand coded using the Ellibrary. Be sure to check out the source code

Breakout Studio

The development project I was given as an intern was the task of building a new website for Breakout Studio itself. The design for this internal project had been sitting untouched for over six months as it was continuously neglected in favor of client work. This made it an excellent project for me to cut my teeth in the world of professional web development.

McCann Industries

Triangle Solving Tool

Javascript meets geometry class

Lewis Floor and Home

About me

Too often companies get stuck with a cookie-cutter web presences that fail to emulate the distinctiveness of their businesses. Lame and bland rather than name brand. I can help. What I love the most about working on front-end development is that it affords the ability to build truly unique things and put them out there in the world; moreover, only two tools are needed for the build: creativity and problem solving. With the nearly limitless possibilities of the medium I see no reason why websites can't or shouldn't be hand-crafted to embody every bit of the uniqueness and innovation of the people or organizations they represent. Photo of Elliott Isaac

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